Map Out Your Route

20 Days to Ready: Map Out Your Route (Day 19)

20 Days to Ready is a series of simple, daily tasks to help you better prepare for emergencies and protect your family when disaster strikes. Follow along, day by day, and you’ll be more ready (for just about anything) in a few short weeks.

ASSIGNMENT: Make an Evacuation Plan

If a hurricane, a wildfire or other natural disaster threatened, and officials told you to evacuate, would you know where to go? Today’s task will help you make sure your answer is “yes.”

Though you might get a day or two of notice for evacuations due to a hurricane, for example, it’s possible that you’ll have to get out of town a lot faster for other natural disasters and threats.

If you live in a coastal area, where hurricanes are a common threat, a quick search online should point you to the local evacuation routes you need to familiarize yourself with. But, no matter where you live, you should decide on several destinations in different directions, and then mark those routes on a map you keep in your car. suggests the following tips for making an evacuation plan:

  • Choose a few destinations in different areas, so you will have options.
  • Plan a place for family members to meet.
  • Familiarize yourself with evacuation routes in your area. Many municipalities, counties and states post this information online.
  • Learn alternate routes, in case the main route is unavailable for some reason.
  • Know your options for alternative means of transportation.
  • If you don’t have a car, make emergency transportation arrangements with family or friends. Your local government may also have resources.

Remember to fill up on gas if there’s a chance you’ll have to evacuate. If you do leave, suggests that you take your emergency kit and leave a note at your house about where you’re going and when you left.

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