Quiz Your Kids' School

20 Days to Ready: Quiz Your Kids’ School (Day 18)

20 Days to Ready is a series of simple, daily tasks to help you better prepare for emergencies and protect your family when disaster strikes. Follow along, day by day, and you’ll be more ready (for just about anything) in a few short weeks.

ASSIGNMENT: Ask About the Emergency Plans at Your Kids’ School

Emergencies don’t typically occur around your family’s schedule. But you can still rest easy knowing your kids are safe when you’re not around, by getting educated about the emergency plans at their school or day care.

What To Ask

The Federal Emergency Management Agency suggests you ask your child’s school or day care center these questions:

  •          How will you communicate with us during a crisis?
  •          Do you store food, water and other supplies for emergencies?
  •          Are you prepared to shelter children in place, if necessary?
  •          If you need to evacuate, where will everyone go?

No school emergency plan in place? You can always volunteer to help develop one, or inform the administration about the planning resources from the U.S. Department of Education.

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