3 Key Boating Tips That Won’t Cost You a Dime

Ever since I read The Old Man and the Sea as a boy, I’ve had a fascination with boating. Then I started building model boats when I was about 12. As I approached middle age, I knew I had to make good on my nautical fascination. Now I really can’t get enough time out on my boat, Santiago’s Quest.  Funny how other people crawl out of the woodwork and want to be my best friend on nice sunny days, too!

Fun aside, it’s easy to sink a fortune in a boat, pun intended, if you don’t know a thing or two. I’ve learned that the hard way. But I’ve also discovered a few tips over the years that cost next to nothing. They might help you too!

Tips that won’t sink the ship

1. A guy in my boat club told me this my first winter: When you put your boat up for a period of time put a few boxes of kitty litter below. It will absorb moisture, reduce mildew, and eliminate odors.

2. You’d think I was MacGyver with this one.  I always keep a metal coat hanger in my tool kit. It can be used to:

  • free hose blockages
  • hook something in an inaccessible area
  • used to replace a cotter pin
  • used as a temporary tie down
  • free blocked limber holes

3. Another trick I learned — don’t throw away that old hose. Cut a piece about a foot long, split it and put it around your dock lines and anchor lines where they pass through the chocks to prevent chaffing.

Do you run a tight ship, too? It makes sense to keep that ship insured year round. Contact your agent to learn more about boat insurance.

Got your own boating tips to share? Leave a comment.