4 Must-Have ATV Accessories

All-terrain vehicles provide hours of off-road fun, and they also come in handy when there’s work to be done. With a few simple additions to your ATV, you can turn a bland (as bland as an ATV can get anyway) four-wheeler into a customized workhorse.


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Forget about being dependent upon anyone else for snow removal during the winter months; for roughly $500 (or less) you can make your ATV a snow-moving machine. Not only can you plow your driveway, you can do the neighbor’s – heck, the entire street – in less time than it takes to do yours by hand. In addition to winter season customization, you can add a disk plow in the spring for tilling soil in preparation for planting season.

Storage Bags

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Tote more gear and keep it better organized than with simple factory racks. Storage bags provide excellent protection and more room without giving up room; many simply attach to the back rack and wrap around the rear section of the seat.

Camera Gear

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With better, smaller and less expensive technology invading the video-camera world, documenting your adventures with a Garmin Virb or GoPro camera is easy – there are even goggles that come with a small camera built in to capture footage from the driver’s point of view. Mounting options are limited only by your imagination – roll-bar, front rack and a versatile suction cup are just a couple of examples.

Loading and Storage

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ATVs are regulated by each state, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, and the laws can vary greatly, so make sure to consult your local laws for proper usage guidelines. Some states forbid the use of off-road vehicles in certain areas, so getting your favorite ATV to the woods requires transport by other means. Ramps allow you to load your machine into the back of a pickup, while a trailer allows for quick and simple towing. A weatherproof cover will help protect your ATV from rain and sun damage if you lack a shop or garage to store it in.


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