4 Tips for Avoiding a Road Trip Nightmare

Should you really be going on a road trip with your friends? Follow our tips to see how compatible you are with the people on your road trip.

Your first road trip is like a right-of-passage, but depending on who you go with and their personalities and previously unnoticed lifestyle differences, a road trip can turn into a total nightmare and ruin your relationship with some good friends. To avoid a road trip nightmare, it is best to discuss some issues before you start planning and booking hotels.

1. Purpose of the Trip

To some, a road trip means driving along an abandoned highway and absorbing the sights and sounds of nature while others see a road trip as a means to an end, a way to get to city with lots of activities for tourists. Do your friends have different perceptions of what a road trip is?

2. Money and Budgets

Do you have a friend who is an intense foodie and wants to eat out everyday? Are you the type of person who would rather save money and pack your own lunch? It is important to discuss how much money each person would like to spend, and whether you want to split costs among your group or have everyone pay for their own expenses.

3. Driving Habits

Are you a backseat driver? Are you someone who likes making spontaneous stops or do you like sticking to your schedule? Although you and your friends may get along great, driving habits can be a sensitive issue for some people so make sure you are all on the same page. It is also important that you are comfortable with the driver’s driving style. If your friend speeds excessively or has driving habits that make you feel unsafe, you may want to reconsider letting him or her drive. Otherwise, it could be an extremely stressful and uncomfortable trip.

4. Lifestyle Habits – Are you a late sleeper or early riser?

It can be frustrating for friends on a road trip if everyone is not on the same sleeping schedule. Road trips are meant to be fun, so finding the right people to go with is extremely important. Remember, being stuck in a car for hours can put everyone on edge and turn minor disagreements into huge conflicts. Taking breaks and compromising is important to keeping your road trip filled with fun and conflict free.

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