Fishermen: 5 Tips for Casting from a Boat

One of the most important aspects of being a fisherman, once you’ve mastered some of the basic skills and techniques, is the ability (or responsibility) to bring new people to fishing. Being a mentor to a young fisherman is a great way to rediscover your own passion, and the number of free fishing days offered in most states during National Fishing & Boating Week (June 1-8) make mentoring even easier. When bringing a new angler out for a day of fishing from a boat, keep these five things in mind:

  1. Smoother and shorter. In a boat, you can maneuver closer to, or even directly on top of, the fish you are trying to catch. This removes the need for long, forceful casts. Keep your casts smooth and try to reduce the noise as much as possible.
  2. Sitting vs. standing. Keep in mind the type of boat you are fishing from. Vessels like pontoon boats allow you to move easily about their stable decks. However, make sure you stay seated in smaller boats like canoes and small rafts.
  3. From the front. Allow the beginning anglers to cast from the front of the boat. This will allow you to easily keep an eye on them and know when to help with rigging, unhooking, or snapping photos. Also, the front of the boat may have fewer obstructions, making for easier target casting.
  4. Be aware of others. All anglers must maintain awareness of the others aboard the boat. Give yourself plenty of space when casting to avoid getting tangled, hooking lures, and hitting your fellow boaters.
  5. Tweak your technique. If you find yourself in a tight space, as it may be on a tandem kayak, a side arm casting technique will be much safer than the traditional overhead cast. This technique also gives the bait better chance of staying on the hook, instead of flying off as it may on a more forceful cast.


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