6 Reasons Why People are Working During Retirement

These days, many people near retirement age are delaying their exit from the working world, or beginning a second career. There are many reasons, both professional and personal, why this makes sense for themand why it could work for you, too.

1. You’re at the height of your career.
Experience, perspective, maturity, and seniority are all on your side. Many sixty-somethings find they aren’t quite ready to give up all that they’ve achieved in the working world.

2. The world is your oyster.
Now’s the time to go for your dream job. You’re less likely to need the highest salary you can get, so this could be the perfect time to indulge your creative side, jump into the non-profit world, or simply trade your high-stress job for a more enjoyable one.

3. Even part-time work can help pay bills.
When you’re raising kids and paying a mortgage (or two), it might seem like you could never live on less than two full salaries. By the time you’re ready to retire, your expenses could be much lower. A hundred dollars might look very different to you then than it does now.

4. You could get more Social Security benefits.
If you can avoid collecting Social Security payments until you hit “full retirement age,” you could collect more over the long run. (See 5 Things to Know About Social Security.)

5. Your transition into retirement will be smoother.
Retirement sounds like a wonderland of free time, quiet, and all-around freedom. And for most retirees it isat first. After the first year or two, though, some people find themselves feeling a bit bored or lost.

Moving from your full-time career to part-time work gives you the chance to indulge your hobbies, while still living a structured life. By the time youre ready to stop work completely, youll have a better idea of what to do with your time and energy.

6. It could help keep you healthy.
Keeping your mind and body active are essential to your health and wellness. As long as your job isn’t too stressful, it could actually help keep you going strong.