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8 Interesting Specialty License Plates

Have you ever played the license plate game on a road trip, keeping track of all the states represented on the back bumpers of the cars sharing the interstate with you? If you have, then you know that one thing that keeps the game interesting is specialty license plates. Drivers can opt for specialty license plates instead of the standard state license plate in order to show off their personality and interests, or to support a cause they care about by paying the associated fee.

From letting the world know you served the U.S. to trumpeting your pro team affiliation to supporting your college alma mater, specialty plates are sure to make a statement. Here are eight unique plates you might see on your next road trip:

Illinois Route 66 License Plate

Route 66

As the old song says, you can “Get your kicks on Route 66,” and some Illinois drivers can also get a kick out of this specialty license plate featuring the legendary highway to the west.

Florida ‘Imagine’ License Plate


Floridians may opt for this plate, featuring a famous self-portrait of former Beatle John Lennon, to express their love for Lennon’s peace anthem while helping to feed the hungry at the same time.

California ‘Whale Tail’ License Plate

California Whale Tail Plate

Like many plates on the list, California’s “Whale Tail” plate allows drivers to help a good cause. According to the state’s website, proceeds from this specialty plate support coastal education and cleanup efforts.

New Hampshire Moose Plate

Moose License Plate

California has its whales, and New Hampshire has its moose. Formally called the New Hampshire Conservation License Plate, but known as the Moose Plate, this specialty plate boasts the state motto “Live free or die,” and funds from its sales benefit conservation efforts.

Tennessee University of Florida License Plate

Tennessee University of Florida Plate

That’s not a typo. Like many other states, Tennessee features its colleges on specialty license plates. But this state doesn’t assume its residents only want to cheer for the home team. In addition to Florida, Tennessee specialty plates feature colleges located in Mississippi, Alabama, Virginia, Arkansas, Kentucky, South Carolina, Georgia, Indiana and Pennsylvania.

Washington ‘Square Dancer’ License Plate

Square Dancing Plate

Many drivers show their passion for a sports team or a worthy cause on their license plates, while others choose to showcase their hobbies. Square dancers in Washington State rejoice — this plate’s for you!

Missouri ‘The Cave State’ License Plate

Cave State

Missouri is widely known as “The Show-Me State,” but Missourians who want to show their enthusiasm for caves declare it “The Cave State” on this specialty license plate. Funds collected for the plates help support the Missouri Caves & Karst Conservancy and the Missouri Caves Association.

Ohio Superman License Plate

For years now, Ohio fans of the Man of Steel have endeavored to have this plate officially endorsed and made available, the better to celebrate Superman’s creation in Glenville, Ohio. Now, The Plain Dealer reports that this plate will be available for purchase starting in October. Click here to see the plate, and for more info.

What license plates have caught your eye? Join the conversation below!

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