A Few Handy Tips About Car Accessories

May 09, 2013 by

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Lowered Car

Adding special features to your car can be appealing for many reasons. Whether you want to install a cool new spoiler to take your car from “ho-hum” to “wow,” or if you want to install a rear-view camera, there are pluses and minuses to installing aftermarket parts. Here are some things to think about when considering new car accessories:

  • Performance Muffler
    Pump Up the Volume?

    A performance muffler can add some volume to the rev of your engine -- plus, it’s a simple installation. But, your neighbors may not appreciate the extra-loud growl of your ride, so you may want to think about that before adding this feature to your ride.

  • Spoilers
    Spoiler Alert

    You may think a spoiler is only good for making your car look cool, like you're ready to drive in a LeMans race. But, spoilers can also help to make your car more aerodynamic. Since there's less drag, you may even require less gas -- and that can pay off at the pump in the long run.

  • Lowered Car

    Lowering your car's suspension can result in increased handling -- and more attention. But, before you lower that car, you should think about the increased chance of damage from speed bumps, potholes and uneven road surfaces that lowering your car may cause.

  • Truck
    Tall Order

    If you want to jack your car up a few feet, or even a few inches, by using suspension lift kits or fatter tires, there are some things to consider first. While you may like the eagle-eye view from your newly raised ride, you’ll also need to be aware that a higher center of gravity may result in less stable turns and increase the likelihood of rollovers. (Photo: peltierchevy/Flikr)

  • GPS
    Taking Directions

    When you’re shopping for a Global Positioning System (GPS) unit to install in your car, look for one that gives simple directions in a clearly audible voice. Voice directions help ensure that you’re not distracted from driving by having to look at the GPS screen.

  • DVD in car
    Movie Systems

    Playing a movie for your kids in the back seat during a long road trip can silence those choruses of, "Are we there yet?"

  • Rear-View Camera
    Eyes in the Back of Your Head -- Sort Of

    Sometimes, your rear-view and side mirrors can only tell you so much. To help with this problem, some people choose to install backup camera systems to their vehicles. With a screen installed on the dashboard, your camera works together with your rear-view mirrors to give you a more complete picture of what's behind your car.

Call Your Agent

Some adjustments you make to your car — including installing aftermarket parts — may have insurance implications. If you have questions about what’s covered, contact your Allstate agent for more information.

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