How to Build A ‘Mom Cave’ That Rivals Any Man Cave

If dads can have their “man caves,” then moms should also have a place to retreat and relax, right? Enter the growing “mom cave” trend.

The trouble is, most advice on putting together a mom cave centers on carving out a tiny space: a window seat, a shared room, even a closet! Say, what? Men get entire rooms, a run of the basement or that second garage and women get … a nook?

I’m proposing some new thinking on this emerging trend: some mom cave ideas to rival any man cave.

Claim your territory

To begin, you need a “cave-worthy” space. Consider a windowed enclosure over the patio for a beachy Hamptons feel. Bump out a second bathroom to make room for a dressing room, a seating area and an extra deep tub. Convert a storage shed into a private garden retreat. Or, replace that aging garage with a two-story number (guess who claims the second floor as their personal studio space?).

Trick it out

Next, dress it up with what you love. Man caves make serious investments in tech and sports gear; mom caves should do no less.

Install a flat screen TV and surround sound speakers for those marathon Mad Men sessions; lay down a hardwood floor and add light dimmers for an in-home yoga studio; or install cubbies, a standing desk and plenty of task lighting for the ultimate crafts room.

Don’t hold back (the boys never do). Here’s some side-by-side thinking if you need an extra dose:

Man cave theme: Cigar lounge or tailgate party
Mom cave theme: Hamptons beach retreat

Man cave seating: Leather recliner
Mom cave seating: Velvet loveseat

Man cave diversions: Darts. Pool. Air hockey.
Mom cave diversions: Magazines. Crafts. Yoga mats.

Man cave drinks: Full bar with a beer keg
Mom cave drinks: Juice and wine bar

Man cave tech: Flat screen. Sound system. Sound proofing.
Mom cave tech: Flat screen. Sound system. Sound (toddler!) proofing.

Want more ideas? Check out this Pinterest board or this infographic.

And, don’t forget to catalog all the changes. Talk to an agent to understand how the build out might impact your insurance, and then make sure to add everything from the artwork and furniture to the laptops and other tech gear to your home inventory (simply take pictures of your new retreat, then compile receipts and stash them with your insurance files or keep a convenient digital record of it all).

Enforce the zone

My last bit of advice: keep it sacred. This is a mom cave we’re talking about here. I suggest a deadbolt.

Find more mom cave ideas here.

Do you have a mom cave? Do you want one? Share your thoughts!

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