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 nena_xCustomx.jpgThroughout September we’re profiling amazing students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities. You can help students like these through Allstates Quote for Education Program.

$5.00 is donated to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund for every auto quote before September 30th, 2009.* Consider helping out, its an easy way to Make a Difference. Also, you may find out that you could be saving a lot of money!



Tell us about yourself, Nena

My name is Nena Ugwuomo, my nickname is Nena You! I am a Sophomore International Business Major at Howard University. Im concentrating in finance, and minoring in Spanish.

What are your plans for the future?
With my degree I will become an Ambassador to a Latin American country.

What song is stuck in your head, right now?
Unstoppable by Santogold

Whats the last movie you saw? Any good?
“Crooklyn” by Spike Lee it was great!

Nena, what would you like people to know about you?
What I’d like people to really know about me is that my main purpose in life is to love, give, serve, and add value to the lives of those around me. If people become genuine believers in serving, their potential to leave a legacy on their college campuses, communities, and the global world are truly limitless.

I’m committed to my faith, family, learning and serving humanity. Despite my high marks, leadership activity, and community involvement, I continuously face financial plight due to my school’s extreme lack of funding for qualified students.

I thank God for organizations like the Thurgood Marshall fund because they provide students like me with the funds needed to stay in school.

Do you have any interesting tips/tricks/activities to make extra money for school?


SCHOLARSHIPS: Apply. Apply. APPLY! There are so many local, civil, and national organizations who genuinely want to help students receive the college educations that they deserve.

Many students stop applying for scholarships after their college bill is paid for, unaware that money credited to ones account after tuition and fees are paid in full, will be refunded back to the student in the form of a check. So winning essay contests here and there can add up to big bucks in ones pockets.

Also talk with your schools financial aid officer and your department chair. Many students may choose not to attend school at the last minute, making more funds available to other students in need.

Do not be afraid to approach your advisors, department chairs, or provost. These individuals are put in their respective positions for the sole purpose of serving their students.

Tell us, whats the biggest misconception people have about YOUR generation?

One of the biggest misconceptions about my generation is that we are selfish and unmotivated. Many adults are shocked to see how active college students are in their local, national and global communities.

Through organizations like Jumpstart, Headstart, and Engineers Without Borders, we are bringing back the fundamental philosophy of helping and reviving humanity.

How does your generation think differently about Making a Difference?

My generation really understands the value of serving and adding genuine value to the lives of others. My institution of higher learning, Howard University, has many organizations that are committed to developing the minds of D.C. youth, building up communities abroad, and empowering the minds of future generations.

Nena, what have you done to Make a Difference in the Community?

I make a difference in my community by adding genuine value to the lives of those around me. I understand the true purpose of life which is to serve those around you.

Whether I’m reading to a child in my Jumpstart classroom, planning sustainability efforts in Kenya, describing the wonders of college to my local mentees, sending friends the countless scholarships available on the web, or simply giving a friend a hug, I strive to make the daily lives of those around me joyous and memorable.

How can people connect with you?

If you have any questions on anything you can contact me at Nena You on or,,, and at

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. $5.00 is donated to the Thurgood Marshall College  Fund for every auto quote before September 30th, 2009.*

Consider  helping out, it’s an easy way to Make a Difference.  Also, you may find  out that you could be saving a lot of money!

*Not  available in Alaska, North Carolina, New York, and Utah

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