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5 Strategies for Announcing Your Small Business Move

By Dawn Allcot,

A small business move can be complicated. Not only are you leaving loyal customers and impacting the local community and its economy, but you might have to make the decision of whether to relocate certain employees.

Then there are the logistics of planning a move, from packing office supplies, inventory and technology systems to changing your marketing materials to reflect your new location.

Follow these five strategies to plan and announce your small business move to help the process go more smoothly.

1. Announce the move to employees.

Whether you have a team of one, five, 15 or more, announce the move—and any details about your new location—to most of your staff simultaneously in a meeting. Uncertainty can be stressful in a time of change.

2. Outline moving responsibilities clearly to employees.

Your IT staff, for instance, may be responsible for packing computer equipment safely and re-establishing the network at the new location. If you don’t have an IT department, you may want to hire independent contractors to assist in setting up technology systems following the move. Employees may be responsible for packing their own supplies. You should also outline who will pack general office equipment, kitchen supplies, etc. It’s nice to treat employees to lunch on moving day as a thank-you for their work above and beyond normal duties.

3. Create a campaign to announce the move to vendors, clients, your network.

Depending on the size of your small business, your position in the community and your company’s impact on the town’s economy and tax base, announcing a move can be a sensitive proposition. You might enlist the help of public relations professionals to craft the right moving announcement. If you do your PR in house, don’t forget to communicate the news via Facebook, Twitter and other social media, and send a press release to local newspapers.

As with employees, timing and open communication are paramount when it comes to announcing your move to the general public. This announcement may include a significant social media marketing campaign, as well as articles in local newspapers and business publications at your old location and your new home base.

4. Update your marketing materials to reflect the move.

Business cards, letterhead, signage and even your employees’ email signatures may need to change following a relocation. Make sure to change your address and phone number on every page of your website, too. Will your move also involve rebranding in the form of a new company logo or new web design? Now may be the time to do it, since you have to change your marketing materials, anyway.

5. Begin to establish yourself and your company in the new location.

Before the last box is unpacked in your new location, you should already be establishing yourself in your business’ new community. Research Chamber of Commerce and professional networking organization meetings before the move and prioritize those you’ll want to attend during your first months in your new corporate digs.

What was the most difficult part of your last move?

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