Are You a Good Passenger?

Have you ever considered the importance of where you sit in the car on a road trip? For many, any seat, other than the drivers seat, means you have hours to doze off or enjoy the scenery. But, passenger beware, this is not always the case!

While the driver is ultimately responsible for everyones safety, on long road trips, the person in the passenger seat actually plays a crucial role in a safe and successful road trip. As co-pilot, the person in the passenger seat should be accountable for reading the map, scoping out the road and making sure the driver is awake and aware of his or her surroundings. So before you call shotgun, consider the responsibilities of sitting in the passenger seat.

Here are four ways to be a good passenger:

1. Pay attention to the road

Although it can be tempting to doze off for an hour, you should always remember that the driver is depending on you to help him/her look for road signs, assess road conditions and look for gas stations and rest stops, as needed. Check the map every 30 minutes to make sure the driver is on the right track and alert him/her to any changes in direction or upcoming exits.

2. Dont be a back-seat driver

Everyone has been in a car with a back seat driver before you know, that passenger sitting in the car telling you go drive faster, slow down and pass the car in front of you. Weve all experienced it and unfortunately, most of us have been that person. Back seat drivers can be extremely frustrating and when you are on a road trip, you should always avoid agitating your driver. Remember, a calm driver, is a safe driver.

3. Play DJ

While good music can set the tone for a road trip, the driver should never be the person flipping through the channels to find the perfect song. Instead, the person in the passenger seat should be the one that shifts through playlists and finds songs that everyone can agree upon. And, always remember to ask the driver for their opinion.

4. Keep the car clean

A dirty car can be extremely distracting, especially when there are odd odors coming from the left over food you have in the car. As the person in the passenger seat, it should be your responsibility to make sure the car is clean and odorless. While I am not suggesting that you pick up after the other passengers, it should be your job to remind the other passengers in the car to be considerate and keep the driver happy.

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