Articles about Daily Spending – Digest Vol. 1

Every few weeks we will surface links from blogs and news sites around the web to highlight interesting links for our community members. Here are some great articles for this digest of Daily Spending.

5 Ways to Teach Your Kids About Money [From Get Rich Slowly]

  • Amanda Steinberg of Daily Worth writes at about how to teach children about financial responsibility. She lists 5 ways to teach children about money at various ages.

Save Money by Rekindling The Art of Reusing Your Stuff [Via Wisebread]

  • Nora Dunn writes at Wisebread about really creative ways to reuse things like old socks, crayons, and even mousepads to save money.
  • Not only are there great ideas for budgets, you also can help to reduce waste!

10 Things I Want to Buy, But Wont [From PF Advice]

  • Jennifer Derrick at Personal Finance Advice lists 10 things she fantasizes about owning, but wont because They will become pains in my rear end in one way or another.
  • I liked this so much that I made my own list of 10 things and listed the reasons WHY I would not buy them.

Using Credit Over Debit or Cash [From Fabulous Financial]

  • Weve all heard from many people that using credit cards can be risky to your financial future. This interesting post outlines some reasons to use credit cards instead of debit cards or cash.
  • The point is that you can take advantage of these things if you can remain responsible and disciplined.

How to Save Smarter [From Parade Magazine]

  • Tim Harford writes in Parade Magazine about making it less painful to save money.
  • He cites behavior economists who say that saving is difficult because of temptation, lack of understanding, and optimism.

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