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Stories by Brendan

4 Things To Do Before Your First Ride On Your New Motorcycle

Feb 8, 2016

You’ve just purchased a new motorcycle. Now what? Well, there are a few things to consider before you hop on your bike for your first road trip on your new ride. To make things easier, we’ve provided a quick checklist to help get you ready for the road.

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Here’s to Firsts: 10 Common Car Seat Questions

Feb 2, 2016

New parents can have a lot on their minds. Faced with the new responsibilities and tasks that typically come with parenthood, some new parents can feel overwhelmed when it comes to important things like car seat selection, installation and proper usage. But fear not; you’re not alone. Many new parents have similar concerns and ask […]

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How Do You Feel About Car Technology? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Jan 27, 2016

Cars boast all kinds of new technology these days. From in-car Wi-Fi and back-up cameras to rain-detecting windshield wipers and rear-mounted radar, so much of the technology available in today’s vehicles wasn’t available even 10 years ago. While generally designed to make things easier, better or safer for drivers and passengers, some drivers don’t always […]

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3 Upgrades to Help Improve Your Car’s Performance

Jan 7, 2016

Your car gets you from point A to point B just fine, but is it performing up to its capabilities? Maybe your car is a base model, essentially offering little more than four wheels and some seats. Or, perhaps you purchased your car with the need to tote family around and performance wasn’t the number one consideration on […]

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Tips for Buying an RV

Jan 4, 2016

The recreational vehicle lifestyle can offer many benefits – no hotel reservations, freedom of travel, having all of your belongings with you and the companionship of other RVers at the many campgrounds across the country. Even more, the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) connects other benefits with the RV lifestyle, including: potentially saving 27 to 61 percent on family vacations compared to […]

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Is A Dashboard Camera Right for You?

Dec 23, 2015

Police in the United States have been using dashboard cameras for recording incidents on the road for many years, says Popular Mechanics Magazine, but these little electronics might also be helpful to the everyday driver. If you are thinking about purchasing a car dashboard camera, here’s the scoop on the benefits and how they work. Why […]

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How to Properly Install a Rear-Facing Car Seat [VIDEO]

Dec 21, 2015

Driving with an infant can be stressful for new parents, who are naturally concerned about their baby’s safety and comfort. A properly installed car seat is a key element that can take the stress out of car rides and help ensure that your baby is safe and secure. Some new parents can be intimidated by the […]

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Prepare Your Pets for Winter Weather

Dec 16, 2015

Winter weather can mean colder temperatures and, as a result, more layers of warm clothing. In many parts of the country, it’s commonplace to see people wrapped in scarves, hats, gloves, furry boots and puffy parkas. But what about your pets? Sure, they may be insulated by their own fur, but sometimes that might not be enough. Get Ready for […]

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Small Business Tips: Hiring Seasonal Workers

Dec 8, 2015

Does your business see a significant increase in volume at certain times of the year? Retail shops typically have their busiest days during the holiday season, while a restaurant in a resort town may have their high season during the summer tourist months. Since the volume and need for increased employees is only for a short […]

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What to Know Before You Go: Test Your Basic Camping Knowledge [QUIZ]

Dec 7, 2015

Getting ready for a camping trip with your family and friends? Whether you are roughing it for the weekend in tents on the ground or driving your motor home across the country, it’s important to be prepared for whatever nature throws at you. From safety to etiquette to comfort, there is some basic knowledge every camper should […]

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