Cristel Mohrman

Cristel Mohrman

Cristel manages home, renters, condo and power sports content for The Allstate Blog and's Tools & Resources section.

Stories by Cristel Mohrman

How to Make a Snow Sculpture in Your Yard

Dec 01, 2014

You may have seen elaborate sculptures made from sand or carved in ice, but what about snow? While building a snowman may be a traditional winter activity, creating a snow sculpture could offer a new challenge this year. Even if you are a first-timer, following these simple tips can help you make a snow sculpture your whole […]

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Top Tips for Driving and Parking on Black Friday

Nov 24, 2014

While Black Friday shopping may bring the most extreme deals, the traffic and parking situations can be a nightmare. Parking spaces are limited, people always seem to be in a rush to get to the next stop and distractions are aplenty. But with a little planning and smart thinking, you may be able to prevent unnecessary […]

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Small Space, Big Spirit: How to Decorate Your Apartment for the Holidays

Nov 19, 2014

Living in a small apartment or condo doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the holiday spirit. No room for a 7-foot tree in your living room or no dining room table on which to display a menorah? While you may not have a roof you can trim with holiday lights and it may not […]

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How to Host Thanksgiving in a Small Space

Nov 12, 2014

When you live in a small house or apartment, how do you host Thanksgiving and make room for all of your friends and family? While it may not be possible to increase the size of your home before the holidays hit this year, there are a few ways you may be able to make it seem […]

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Activities to Help Put the ‘Thanks’ Back in Thanksgiving

Nov 11, 2014

When family and friends get together on Thanksgiving, it’s not just about the turkey and pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving is about being grateful for what we have and sharing that gratitude with our family and friends. On Turkey Day, many people take turns going around the table saying what they are thankful for, but there are other, […]

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How to Buy the Right ATV

Nov 10, 2014

Whether you’re buying your first all-terrain vehicle (ATV) or upgrading your current model, there’s a lot to consider. For example, should you buy a new or used vehicle? And once you’ve made your selection, what steps can you take to help protect yourself on the open terrain? Here are some things that may help you […]

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The Renter’s Guide to Kitchen Improvements

Nov 07, 2014

If you rent your home or apartment, you might be a little jealous at times of the creative latitude homeowners have over their kitchens. While renters usually aren’t able to undertake permanent renovation projects, it doesn’t mean you can’t significantly spruce up your kitchen. Here are some suggestions on how to transform your rental kitchen’s […]

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5 Creative Ways to Use Your Multi-Purpose Knife

Oct 24, 2014

A multi-purpose knife is extremely handy for outdoor adventures and camping. Here are some additional, and unexpected, ways this handy gadget can save the day — any day.

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4 Survival Skills for Everyday Life

Oct 14, 2014

    The suburbs can be scarier than you think. From nosy neighborhood animals to temporary power outages, you never know what minor mishaps might shake up your peaceful existence. Here’s how to combat whatever lurks around that cul-de-sac. 1. Foraging for Food: Lower Fridge Before A Power Outage According to the National Center for Home Food Preservation, when severe weather threatens, it’s […]

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5 Sweet Ways to Spend Sweetest Day

Oct 10, 2014

We know there are still four months until Valentine’s Day, so for now, spread the sweetness on Sweetest Day — the third Saturday in October. It may sound like a work of fiction, but this American holiday has been around for more than 80 years. Sweetest Day started in the early 1920s, when philanthropist and Ohio […]

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