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Top 10 Cars From Your Favorite Movies

May 2, 2011

Remember that beautiful car from a movie that just made your heart melt? Well, AutoWeek came out with their List of Top 10 Movie Cars. Is your favorite movie car on the list? While I agree with most of their list, I was surprised that neither the Batmobile or any of the Bond Cars did […]

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Finding a Good Rewards Card

Oct 21, 2010

In addition to helping you establish your credit history, credit cards can be a way to reap significant benefits from your everyday habits. These days, most credit cards offer some type of rewards program ranging from miles for an airline to gifts and even cash back. Although most rewards cards come with an annual fee, […]

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Term Life Insurance – A Simple Explanation

Sep 22, 2009

Life insurance can be confusing. Have you heard people asking questions like these? What is life insurance? Why do I need life insurance? What do I get with life insurance? How much do I have to pay for life insurance? How can I trust a life insurance agent? September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. We […]

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Life Insurance – Reasons to Consider It

Aug 13, 2009

Life insurance can be very difficult to understand. Especially the costs and benefits. Take term insurance as an example. To some people, it is frustrating to have to send a check every month and never get anything back! So why would anyone buy this stuff? Some Humorous Reasons to Consider Life Insurance Your brother-in-law sells […]

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All Things Wheels Digest – Volume 2

Aug 3, 2009

Every few weeks we will surface links from blogs and news sites around the web to highlight interesting links for our community members. Here are some great articles for this digest of All Things Wheels. The best-selling car of 2008: Cheap and plastic! Who had the best selling car in 2008? No, not GM, Toyota, […]

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How to Help Protect One of Your Most Important Assets, Your Home

Jun 10, 2009

A home is often the biggest purchase you will ever make.  To help protect it, you should make sure your mortgage  is “protected”, keep up on preventive maintenance, make sure your home is adequately insured, and keep an eye on the future resale value. Here are four simple ways to help protect your home for […]

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