Bikers: Born to Be Wild [VIDEO]

Episode 3 of The UnReal Adventures of Ted and Traci finds our clumsy couple leaving their home behind in favor of the open road. But thanks to some creative tinkering, they don’t have to miss their favorite shows while on a motorcycle getaway. As it turns out, maybe bolting on the big-screen TV wasn’t such a good idea. See how Ted and Traci learn the value of motorcycle rider safety in this week’s episode.

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Transcript: ‘Supercharged’
Ted: It’s great having you join me on the open road!
Traci: Yeah, who needs a DVR? I love getting back to nature without having to miss our favorite shows!
Oh no, Ted – a deer!
Ted: I love you, too, dear.
Traci: No, Ted – A DEER! Watch out!!!
Ted: I guess we should have stuck with cable…
Voiceover: Keep the rubber on the road.

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