Boating Safety Can Prevent You From Being Stranded [VIDEO]

In Episode 4 of our web series The UnReal Adventures of Ted and Traci, our castaways test their sea legs on their new boat. Unfortunately, once on open water, the clouds, wind and lightning roll in and their three-hour tour takes a turn for the worse. Had the captain and his first mate consulted the weather forecast, they may not have been stranded in a sandy “paradise.” Maybe next time they’ll be better prepared for the choppy water with a dose of boating safety information.

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Transcript: ‘Stranded’
Ted: There are three things you need to be great boat captain: A beautiful woman on your arm, a hat that says, “I’m in charge,” and a boat that can withstand a gale-force wind.
Ted: Two out of three ain’t bad.
Traci: Did you grab the sunscreen?
Voiceover: Prepare for smooth sailing.

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