Bring Out the Best in Your Employees

The benefits of building a loyal team are clear. The most committed employees perform 20 percent better than their peers and are 87 percent less likely to leave the company, according to research by the Corporate Leadership Council. Be sure you are doing all you can to bring out the best in your employees so they feel empowered and appreciated.

These tips can help you build and maintain a motivated team:

Ask Questions

Meet with employees individually to learn about their professional goals and what they want most from their work. While some might value the opportunity to learn new skills and contribute to special projects, others may be looking for flexible work schedules or job-sharing options. By considering their interests, you can help increase their enthusiasm for their work and help them understand how their daily to-do list fits into your plan for their ongoing growth.

Delegate Effectively

In order to delegate effectively, you need to have confidence that your employees can do the work. Look objectively at your staff members and list each one’s strengths and weaknesses. This can help you feel more confident passing off work to the right resource. Involve your employees in designing and implementing workplace changes to help them understand the thinking behind shifting policies and priorities. When they know how their decisions and actions affect the overall company, they are able to make better choices and feel more engaged.

Encourage Open Communication

Give team members a chance to share ideas and insights by setting up a communication system that runs both ways. Set deadlines that are clear and manageable and define expectations for when and how project check-ins will take place. Clear, consistent and honest feedback helps encourage employees to solve problems proactively. Reinforce that you’re available along the way to answer questions or provide advice.

Give Praise

Recognize staff members who do their work well. Talk about their successes privately and share your praise with the entire company. Each time you offer positive feedback about an employee, you help everyone on your team understand your expectations. Positive feedback can also raise productivity because employees tend to repeat rewarded behaviors. When it’s clear that something has hit the mark, they’ll be more confident about the quality of their work and will work more efficiently.

Address Problems Directly

Always be ready to tackle difficult situations. Earn your team’s respect and maintain their motivation by acting on issues quickly, honestly and fairly. Hard workers appreciate work environments that strive for improvement. Failing to deal with broken processes, staff conflicts or frequent mistakes can drain the morale of your best workers and increase the chances they will look for work elsewhere.

Talk About the Big Picture

Share your company mission and values with your staff and reinforce them regularly. Discuss how the company is doing at least once a quarter. This can foster a shared sense of responsibility for business success. It will also help employees understand how their work affects the bottom line and give them insight into why their daily work matters.

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