Car Trouble: Locked Out, But Not Knocked Out

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Locked Out

We’ve all had days like this. Mine started on a day when I had to get my teenage son to an early lacrosse practice, our beloved puppy to the vet to be “fixed” and then me on the 8:17 train into the city for a 9 a.m. meeting.

We were scrambling to load puppy, lacrosse equipment and a meeting presentation into the car, when we realized we had forgotten a crucial item – my son’s helmet. Both son and I darted back into the house to snag the helmet. As we re-entered the garage where the car sat running with puppy inside, we witnessed our pooch jumping up at the car window, tail wagging, delighted to see us – just as her paw hit the lock button inside our Honda CRV.

It was in that moment that the world screeched to a halt. Something clicked (other than the lock) and I went into crisis mode. After futile attempts to convince the puppy to unlock the door, I noticed the little white sticker in the window … 1 800-ALLSTATE.  I had signed up for Good Hands Roadside! I grabbed my son’s cell phone. (Mine was in the car with puppy – helpful). I called the number.

Next, I called a friend to come get my son. My friend and Good Hands Roadside arrived at the same time, pronto. Hello lockout service I love you! We were “in” in no time. So worth the $50 service fee and so glad I had already set up my profile and registered my credit card number to save time. Friend took son and helmet to lacrosse practice. I took puppy to vet, missed train but opted to make the drive into the city … and made it to the meeting with literally 10 seconds to spare.

I guess they weren’t kidding when they said help any time, anywhere, for any one.  I’m a big fan of Good Hands Roadside now!

(P.S. – I have since had another copy of our lost spare key made even though they are not cheap.)

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