Celebrities Gone Green

Green is the new black in Hollywood. In an effort to preserve the environment, many celebrities are trading in the gas guzzling SUVs and sports cars for eco-friendly vehicles that emit less harmful chemicals and are much more fuel efficient. Shortly after Leonardo DiCarpio, a leader of the celebrity green movement, purchased his Toyota Prius in 2001, other celebrities began jumping on the green bandwagon and embracing new environmentally friendly technology such as hydrogen energy and biodiesel fuel.

Although the Toyota Prius, seen driven by celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts and others, is the clear celeb favorite, other popular green cars include the GMC Yukon, the exclusive BMW Hydrogen 7 and the hybrid Chevrolet Tahoe. In addition to driving greener, many celebrities have gotten involved in other environmental issues like deforestation, global warming and endangered animals.

Celebrity Green Car Trivia

Leonardo DiCaprio
Car: Tesla
Did You Know? DiCaprio helped popularize the green movement in Hollywood and has been leading the celebrity fight for green technology since 2001. He recently traded in his Toyota Prius for a Tesla, the first high-performance electric sports car valued at over $200,000.

Barack Obama
Car: Ford Escape Hybrid
Did You Know? During the Presidential primaries, President Barack Obama traded his gas guzzling Chrysler 300C for a eco-friendly Ford Escape Hybrid. And according to the Auto Blog, Hilary Clinton, Mitt Romney and John Edwards are also owners of the Escape Hybrid.

Edward Norton
Car: BMW Hydrogen 7
Did You Know? In early 2008, Edward Norton joined a small group of celebrities who were given exclusive access to the BMW Hydrogen 7, a luxury sedan which runs on both gasoline and hydrogen. Although Norton is best known for movies such as Primal Fear and Fight Club, he is also an advocate for the Solar Neighbors Program, which installs a BP Solar electric system in a low-income home in L.A. when a celebrity purchases the same system.

Will Ferrell
Car: BMW Hydrogen 7
Did You Know? In 2007, Will Ferrell, best known for his laugh-out-loud comedies, became the first American to drive the new eco-friendly BMW. Ferrell also recently purchased a BP solar system for his home to benefit the St. George Hotel, a permanent supportive housing facility for the chronically homeless.

George Clooney
Car: Tango 600
Did You Know? As an strong advocate for many social issues, Clooney purchased a Tango 600 in 2004, a two-seat electric car with a top speed of 150mph. The Tango is six inches narrower than many motorcycles!

Danny DeVito
Car: Black Toyota Prius
Did You Know? After his EV1, GM’s limited edition electric car, was recalled, DeVito purchased a Toyota Prius. DeVito’s eco-friendly car has even made a cameo appearance in 10 Items or Less.

Woody Harrelson
Car: 2000 Volkswagen Beetle TDI
Did You Know? You may remember Harrelson as Woody Boyd on Cheers. Now an environmental activist, Harrelson runs his Volkswagen on biodiesel fuel, a clean burning alternative fuel for diesel engines made from 100% renewable resources such as soybean oil.