Photo by Photogal, via Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0

35 mph, Bus-Only Lanes Suggested for Lake Shore Drive Overhaul

A host of local civic groups have banded together to generate public input on the rebuilding of North Lake Shore Drive, which has to get overhauled in the next few years due to age, Chicago Magazine reported July 29.

In preparation for public meetings on the LSD work, the 15 civic groups—including the Active Transportation Alliance, the Metropolitan Planning Council, the Center for Neighborhood Technology, and others—have released suggestions designed to slow down Lake Shore Drive, including:

  • A “maximum 35mph design speed,” not just a speed limit, with “no increase in the number of lanes”
  • Bus-only/Bus Rapid Transit lanes
  • A “separate bike facility” to separate recreational Lakefront Trail users from bike commuters

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