Coming Soon: The Ultimate Action-Packed Blockbuster [VIDEO]

Forget superheroes. In the teaser trailer for this summer’s real epic blockbuster, The UnReal Adventures of Ted & Traci, a courageous couple overcomes a car crash, boat wreck and a backyard explosion in an effort to spread the word about prevention and protection.

Ted and Traci live a normal life, but working through life’s little misadventures can be a challenge. During the next few weeks our heroes will provide you with funny, outrageous examples of what not to do…and why having proper insurance can be so valuable.

Check out all episodes of this web series (new episodes added weekly):

Episode 1 – Om on the Road

Episode 2 – Up in Smoke

Episode 3 – Supercharged

Episode 4 – Stranded

Episode 5 – Grillmeister

Episode 6 – Staycation

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