Create the Ultimate Car, Frankenstein Style [SLIDESHOW]

Today’s cars and trucks have many capabilities and often cross over traditional concepts of vehicle types. Despite this evolution, many people still want more from their cars. More trunk space, more power, more traction, more…cupholders.

While it’s admittedly not realistic, it would be nice to have a cartoon-like car that could expand or adapt to fit whatever that day’s driving requires.

Wouldn’t it be fun to serve as a vehicular Dr. Frankenstein, cobbling together the mismatched parts of your favorite vehicles to assemble the ultimate work of automotive engineering? The resulting car might not be easy on the eyes – it may even attract torch- and pitchfork-wielding townspeople – but you’d have a vehicle that could tackle any driving condition:

Considering all the bells and whistles this vehicle would contain, it would likely be a target of car thieves…but they can’t steal what they can’t see. This ultimate car needs ultimate security, and that means stealth…or invisibility. Our Frankenstein car could utilize active-camouflage technology, covering the exterior skin with both cameras and tiny LED lights to project the background image on the near side of the car, rendering it nearly invisible. Just don’t forget where you parked it.

What features would you put in your perfect car?


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