Denver parking violations
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Denver Parking Violations You May Not Know About

Denver parking officials wrote $30.5 million worth of parking citations and penalties in 2013, up 53 percent since 2009, The Denver Post reports.

While most of the hundreds of thousands of tickets issued each year are for ignoring posted restrictions – like parking in street-sweeping or resident parking zones – an estimated 400 to 500 tickets a week are written for violations you may not be aware even exist, the Post says.

For instance, you must move your vehicle at least 100 feet after you’ve used up the maximum allowed time on the meter – just clunking another quarter in won’t spare you from a ticket, according to the report.

Taking it one step further is a city ordinance that is not posted on the signs and that many people don’t know about. It forbids drivers from parking in the same spot, or any spot within 100 feet of it, more than once in a 24-hour period, even if the time limit has not yet been exceeded, according to a 7 NEWS story.

That means if you park in one spot for 20 minutes, then return three hours later and park across the street, just being in the 100-foot vicinity can garner a ticket, 7NEWs reports.

Here are five other ways you can get a ticket in the Mile High City, according to the Denver Post:

  1. Parking more than 18 inches from the curb.
  2. Parking within five feet of a driveway or fire hydrant.
  3. Parking against the flow of traffic or obstructing traffic flow.
  4. Parking in alleys.
  5. Parking less than 20 feet from a crosswalk or stop sign.

In summary, just because a parking restrictions in Denver isn’t posted doesn’t mean it won’t be enforced. If you’d like to avoid coming back to a pesky notice from a parking agent, follow the rules.

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