Disable Your Cell Phone While Driving

By now, you probably know the dangers of using your phone while driving. But does that stop you from sneaking in that emergency phone call every now and then?

For those who believe that the problem with using your phone on the road is that it prevents you from having both hands on the wheel, hands-free technology provides a good solution. Recent improvements in these hands-free devices even allow you to use voice commands to dial.

However, some studies have shown that hands-free devices don’t mitigate the problem of distracted driving. According to researchers from the National Highway Administration, drivers are four times more likely to have an accident if they are driving while talking on the phone—hands-free or not.  The reason is that drivers become engrossed in their conversation instead of focusing on the road.

Luckily there are services now that can automatically disable your cell phone while driving. Some of these services, like ZoomSafer are free and uses your phone’s GPS sensors to determine if you are driving. While the easiest solution to avoid using your phone on the road is the off button, if you’re like me, trying to resist answering your phone when you’re expecting an important phone call can be difficult.

So if this service sounds like something you would use, here are two different companies to consider:


ZoomSafer can automatically detect when you’re driving and will lock your keypad to prevent texting or emailing while driving. If someone calls, ZoomSafer will auto-reply to unanswered calls, emails and texts. ZoomSafer is currently in Beta and free for all smart phones.


Cellcontrol can also detect when your vehicle is in motion and will block all incoming phone calls, emails and texts. Cellcontrol is not GPS based, instead you activate your account and plug a device into your car so that it can monitor your car’s movement.