Don’t Go It Alone: New Research Stresses Importance of NGOs in Disaster Recovery

Last spring, we saw first-hand the effects of devastating storms, mile-wide tornadoes and surging floodwaters. This is the right time to examine how we prepare for and respond to catastrophes.


The RAND Gulf States Policy Institute and Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations recently explored the critical role of non-government organizations in disaster preparedness and response.


The research, funded by The Allstate Foundation, revealed the importance of integrating local NGOs early on into emergency planning to improve capacity and response time. Their knowledge on the ground makes NGOs vital assets in navigating common catastrophe-response challenges and can help prevent tragedies, reunite families and rebuild communities faster after a crisis.


These findings have implications for corporate funders, too. They illustrate the ongoing need to build effective partnerships with established local NGOs.

Allstate also supports and its efforts to raise awareness about the need to reinvent disaster preparedness and response, educate the public and policy makers, and advance a comprehensive solution that provides more protection at a lower cost for consumers through a privately funded, government-sponsored nonprofit catastrophe fund.


Download the full report:


How do you think NGOs can play a bigger role in disaster preparedness and response?

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