Earth Day Countdown: Greenifying Business

kidhuggingearth.jpgHappy Earth Day! Over the past few weeks, we’ve surfaced articles on how to better preserve our environment (see the articles on LED Bulbs and Green Autovations). Today, we conclude the series with an article on how to bring the “Go Green” mindset into the workplace:

Many negative stereotypes pervade corporate culture in our society today. Images we typically associate with this environment include mazes of cubicles, vast mountains of paperwork, and a perpetual rat race that is less than rewarding. However, as The Green Business Alliance discussed in a recent article, there exist many opportunities for us to transform our Fcareers into something that is not only fulfilling on a personal level, but also beneficial in sustaining our environment as well. Some of these occupations include:

  • Green Lobbyists
  • Green Marketing Expert
  • Green Plumber

For the complete list of green business ideas, read part 1 of the article here and part 2 here.

What other careers or occupations do you know of that contribute to going green?

Photo Credit: / CC BY 2.0