Easy Ways to Save Money This Year

With automatic bill pay and online banking, paying your bills is easier than ever. However, when it comes to paying bills, many of us simply glance over our statements without paying attention to the details of each charge. But even your credit card company and stores can make mistakes which will cost you if you don’t catch them in time.

But if you have to pay more than a few bills and make more than a few purchases each month, scrutinizing over each charge to make sure it is correct can be quite time consuming.  So, to save you some time, here are five easy ways to save money:

1.  Double Charges:

Whether you buy something in-store or online, sometimes you can be double charged when you or your sales clerk are in a rush. It’s not your credit card company’s responsibility to catch these errors so take a couple minutes to avoid paying double.

2.  Hidden Charges and Fees:

If you are a online shopaholic like me, be sure to double check your credit card bills for hidden charges and fees. Last year, I signed up to receive a discount on my order and ended up enrolled in a discount program that cost $20 a month. Luckily, I discovered this error after three months and a simple call to my credit card company credited my account while locking it so that I would not be charged anymore.

3.  Your Bar Tab:

Human error is a fact of life and when you are in a busy restaurant or bar, you should always double check your receipt to make sure that you actually ordered everything on your bill.

4.  Grocery Receipts:

Whether you are at the grocery store or at a mall, always make sure the price you saw at the rack is the price reflected on the receipt. If you are buying something on sale, be sure you are paying the discounted price. At the grocery store, if your sales clerk is manually entering in codes for your produce, make sure you haven’t paid for the wrong item. And if possible, check for these errors before you swipe your card to save time and avoid having to talk to customer service.

5.  Your Utility Bills:

A couple months ago, I began to wonder if my electricity bill was a little too high for the amount of electricity I was using each month so I decided to call my electricity company. Turns outs, they haven’t read my meter in months and have charged me triple the amount based on their estimates. The lesson here? If you believe you are paying too much for your utilities (including cable), take a look at your bill closely and see if you are being charged for anything extra and don’t hesitate to give your utility company a call.

KathyD is a guest blogger. In exchange  for sharing this content, has compensated her via cash  payment.