Employees help unleash innovation as The Allstate Foundation turns 60

A 1952 memo to Allstate managers introduced the newly formed Allstate Foundation: “We owe the community and nation from which we derive our livelihood all the reasonable philanthropic assistance we can give. Any corporation or individual that does not discharge its social responsibility is indeed shortsighted.”

Over the last 60 years, The Allstate Foundation has stayed true to that vision and contributed nearly $300 million to community organizations and initiatives. While the Foundation’s goals and partners may have changed over the years, our commitment to civic leadership has remained the same. As Donald Craib, former Allstate chairman and CEO, said in 1982, “Today, it’s clear that our stockholders and customers not only want us to be involved in the community, they expect us to be.”

To launch The Allstate Foundation’s 60th anniversary celebration this year, Allstate employees are giving the Foundation the ultimate gift – innovative ideas for investing grants in local communities. We have always relied heavily on Allstate’s inventive workforce to guide our giving. This year, during Allstate’s annual Innovation Week and as part of International Corporate Philanthropy Day on Feb. 27, employees in 60 offices will be asked: “If your office had grant support to make an innovative difference in your community, how would you invest it?” Employees will vote for the best idea. Each of the 60 employees whose ideas get the most votes will receive an Allstate Foundation grant for a community service organization of his or her choice. In this milestone year, we’re turning once again to one of our best resources – our creative employees – to help Allstate “discharge its social responsibility.”

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