Fake Plastic Man Learns a Real Lesson in Fire Safety [VIDEO]

The second installment of our web series The UnReal Adventures of Ted and Traci features a familiar scenario played out in many homes across the country during various sporting events.

Ted, excited to watch his Wombats win on TV, is asked by Traci to do a couple of simple household chores. Distracted by his favorite team, Ted bungles his attempt at cooking dinner and is startled awake from a well-deserved nap by Traci and the ear-piercing smoke alarm. In the end, Ted learns a valuable lesson about fire safety.

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Transcription: ‘Up in Smoke’
Traci: I’m heading out for yoga. There’s a box of leftover pizza in the fridge. Just throw it in the oven for dinner. And don’t forget to take out the trash. I don’t want the whole house smelling like a landfill when I get back.
Ted (distracted): Don’t worry, babe. I’ve got it covered. Pizza. Oven. Trash. No sweat!
Traci (disbelieving): Alright…
Ted: Pizza…Oven…Sweet! I’m almost done! I deserve a break!
Ted: Go Wombats!
Traci: You left the pizza in the box, didn’t you?
Ted: At least it doesn’t smell like a landfill…
Voiceover: Don’t get burned.

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