#FamilyGames - Indoor Fort Building

How to Build the Ultimate Indoor Fort

#FamilyGames is a series of fun winter challenges we created so that the entire family can play inside when it’s too cold to play outside. Our first game in the series was the Cotton Ball Medley. The next #FamilyGames challenge? Build the ultimate indoor fort!

How to play

You’ll need at least two players (but more is better), and someone to serve as a judge. Divide players into teams and have them build separate forts at the same time. An alternative: Have an ongoing weekly contest where everyone works together to build one giant, awesome fort. That one fort will be judged each week, and the goal is to constantly increase the overall score.

Directions and information the supplies you need are detailed below. Don’t forget to take photos of your fort! Upload them to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the #FamilyGames hashtag.

Contenders ready? Fort on!

How to keep score

Judges can download a scorecard for the Ultimate Indoor Fort challenge below.

Download (PDF, 338KB)

How to pick the winner

Add up all the points from the scorecard – the team with the most points wins! We’ve created a ribbon to award the first-place team, along with second and third place ribbons in case you have multiple teams. Download the printable ribbons below.

Download (PDF, 404KB)


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