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Tabletop Curling: How to Stage An At-Home Version of this Curious Sport

#FamilyGames is a series of fun winter challenges we created so the family can play inside when it’s too cold to play outside. Our first two challenges in the #FamilyGames series were the Cotton Ball Medley and The Ultimate Indoor Fort. Our latest installment? Tabletop Curling!

Just because you don’t have a solid sheet of ice in your backyard doesn’t mean you can’t join in on the curling fun!

How to play

You’ll need at least two players but, if you have more, simply divide everyone up into two teams. You’ll also need someone to serve as judge. Then, just set up a modified curling match on your very own kitchen table. Slide a metal jar lid across the table and get closest to the center of the target to win gold! It’s that simple.

Detailed directions and information on the supplies you need are detailed in the infographic below. Curling contenders ready? Game on!

How to keep score

Judges can download the scorecard for Tabletop Curling below.

Download (PDF, 325KB)


How to award the winner

When the rounds are complete, add up all the points – the team with the most point wins! We’ve created a ribbon to award the first-place team (and a second-place ribbon if it’s an “everyone’s a winner” kind of household). Download the printable ribbons below.

Download (PDF, 404KB)

This is the last event in our #FamilyGames series, but the fun doesn’t have to end here! Keep taking photos of your family playing with cotton balls, building forts, curling on tables and enjoying any other homemade games. Upload them to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the #FamilyGames hashtag.

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