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Build Your Own First Aid Kit in a Can [SLIDESHOW]

It’s easy to pack an ultimate emergency kit; just throw everything you could ever possibly need into a box (or buy a nice, expensive one) and haul it around in the trunk of your car (and then sigh every time you load the trunk for a road trip). Putting the essentials in a lightweight, portable container for packing in a car or backpack, however, is another thing entirely. I like challenges, and the idea of preparing a first aid kit for some of the most common emergencies and fitting it into a can appealed to me. The first thing I had to do was pick a can. I chose a Pringles can for two reasons: First, it’s large enough to hold some essential supplies but compact enough to easily pack anywhere. Second, I like Pringles and eating the entire can in short order was another challenge I was glad to accept. The next step was to assemble a list of crucial supplies that would fit in a container that normally holds crisp, delicious chips. Here’s what I came up with and how you can use them in an emergency. While the items below aren’t an all-inclusive list, they’ll get you through in a pinch and can help keep infection from setting in and spreading until you can get professional help.

  Photo credits: Pringles cans via Flickr; Gauze sponges via; Self-adhesive elastic bandages via; Sports tape via Wikimedia; Tylenol via Wikimedia; Stomach relief  via; Antihistamine via; Bandage via Wikimedia; Triple antibiotic ointment via

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