Five Ways to Save Money on Everyday Expenditures

I love bargain shopping and it’s easy to save money by only shopping the sale racks or shopping at online sample sale sites. What is more challenging, however, is finding ways to save money on everyday life – those little things you do day in and day out. Here are my favorite five ways to save money on a daily basis.

1. Join Facebook

If you’re not on Facebook yet, sign up now. In addition to reconnecting with long-lost friends, Facebook gives you the ability to connect with businesses. “Like” your favorite companies and you’ll find that they often offer coupons, discounts, and freebies just for their fans. I’ve enjoyed free food and beverages, candy and even free nail polish!

2. Print Coupons from Online Sources

It’s easier than ever to get your hands on coupons, thanks to the internet. Not only is Facebook a great source, but sites like exist solely to let you print out coupons to redeem at the grocery store! is free and easy to use – just indicate which coupons you’d like and then print them out. Even stores like Target have a coupon section on their website, and they’re not all grocery-related. For instance, they recently had a coupon that would save users $5 off the purchase of a pair of jeans.

3. Make Your Coffee at Home

If you’re anything like me you need a cup of coffee in the morning to get yourself up and going. Stopping to pick up coffee every day can add up quickly. Last year I spent more than $20 per week on coffee! I was a little appalled when I took the time to do the math, and committed then and there to make a small pot of coffee each morning, and I haven’t looked back since. Not only do I save time each morning by not making an extra stop on the way to the office, but now I only spend about $20 per month on coffee.

4. Look for Dining Discounts

It used to be that it was difficult to save money when dining out unless you wanted to eat at a chain restaurant. Those days are over now, thanks to the advent of sites like Using you can snag gift certificates to your favorite restaurants and pay a fraction of the full-price bill. For instance, you can often buy $25 gift certificates for just $2. You will need to spend $50 to use the gift certificate, but consider the savings: Instead of paying $50 for $50 worth of food, you will pay just $27for $50 worth of food. The Facebook rule above applies for restaurants, too – they will often provide special discounts just for their Facebook fans!

5. Use Cash Back Shopping Sites

Over the past couple of years there has been a rise in the number of websites that don’t offer coupons toward your online purchases, but instead offer a certain percentage of actual cash back based on what you spend! Sites like ShopatHomeEbates, and Mr.Rebates are fantastic because not only can you still use your online promotional codes, but you can also earn cash back for double the savings. Here’s an insider’s tip: look for special days when they offer double or triple cash back at certain stores. For instance, a couple of times last year I saw that Ebates offered 20% cash back at Gap, but the offer was good for just two days so if you weren’t quick you would miss out.

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