Fuel Your Grill with Man Power [VIDEO]

In Episode 5 of our web series The UnReal Adventures of Ted and Traci, our heroes are enjoying the warm summer weather. Ted fires up his gas grill for a nice outdoor meal, but only after he’s “improved” it. It turns out, jet fuel doesn’t make for great steaks, but Ted’s mistake helps illustrate some basics of grill safety.

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Transcript: ‘Grillmeister 7000′
Ted: I can’t believe the neighbors got a Grillmeister 7000—that thing costs more than our car. But don’t be jealous, Traci: I’ve been working on something even better.
Ted: I made just a few adjustments to our old grill… Now it runs on manpower!!
Traci: Manpower, huh? Then what’s in the tank?
Ted: Just a little something I like to call JET FUEL! YEAH! Let’s get this baby fired up!
Ted: Hurry up, babe! Go get the steaks!
Traci: So… Wanna order a pizza?
Voiceover: Don’t add fuel to the fire.

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