Cooking on the Grill

Green Tips For A Better Barbecue: Creating An Eco-Friendly Oasis

Green LivingPlanning a summer soiree? With a little creativity and some things you already have around the house, you can transform your yard into a green paradise. Check out these quick tips, from grilling and decorating to conserving water and making your own Tiki torches, that will get your earth-friendly party started.

Turn an Old Chest of Drawers into a Planter

Have an old dresser gathering dust in the attic? Give it a face lift — and lend some interesting character to your backyard — by turning it into a home for some beautiful flowers.

Capture the Rain

Don’t let that valuable rainwater just flow away. Save it in a rain barrel so you can water your plants on a sunny day. (But, please check with your state, county or municipality for any laws governing the use of rain-catching systems in your area.)

Set an Eco-Friendly Table

An al fresco meal doesn’t automatically mean dining from paper plates on a disposable tablecloth. Reusing some ordinary household items can help you reduce the amount of garbage you have to throw away afterward.


Fire Up the Grill

Nothing beats a cookout on a warm summer evening — but did you know there are ways to make your barbecue a little more eco-friendly?

Light Up the Night

An evening meal outdoors isn’t complete without a little bit of illumination. Follow these DIY tips to create mosquito-repelling torches from old wine bottles.

Now, you’re ready to have a fun-filled summer party — while keeping Mother Nature in mind. Looking for more eco-friendly tips? Visit our Green Living page.