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Hitting the Road: Prepare for the Unexpected

Driving can represent freedom and adventure — but sometimes, the unexpected can throw a wrench into your plans. You may not be able to predict every scenario on the road, but there are many things you can do to make sure you are as prepared as possible — just in case. The following articles can help you in your journey toward preparedness:

Emergency Car KitThe Ultimate Emergency Car Kit: How to Equip Yourself for Most any Calamity

Being stranded can be a scary situation. Consider packing these supplies in an emergency kit to take on your next road trip.  They may not start your car but they will help give you peace of mind!


Umbrella7 Useful Items for Your Glove Compartment

The list of items many suggest keeping in a car emergency list is lengthy, and you may have to keep them in your trunk. But, what items should you think about keeping in reaching distance of the driver’s seat?


Survive a Night in a Car
Photo by Alex E. Proimos


Survive a Night In Your Car 

Would you know what to do if winter weather stranded you in your car overnight? Make a plan.



Jumper CablesPlan Ahead: Know How to Jump-Start a Car

Do you know how to jump-start a car? Learning this skill can help you in an emergency.



Steering WheelHow to Safely Handle a Tire Blow-Out

You’re driving along, and all of a sudden — “Boom!” Your tire blows out. What do you do?



Photo by Doug Howlett
Photo by Doug Howlett

4 Ways to Pull a Truck from the Mud

What if your truck gets stuck in the mud? Think about these tips.




Heat Wave Road Trip SafetyHeat Wave: 5 Car Components that Can’t Take the Heat

Know in advance what problems your car may experience on a hot day — and take steps to prevent them.


Winter DrivingWinter Driving Hazards (that Aren’t Ice and Snow)

Learn what to watch out for on winter roads — in addition to slippery conditions.



Car AccidentInfographic: Do You Know What to Do After a Car Accident?

No one wants to get into a car accident, but it’s important to know what steps to take in case you do.


Lost Car KeySlideshow: Top Reasons for Roadside Assistance

Part of being prepared for emergencies on the road is knowing whom you can call for help.


What steps do you take to make sure you’re prepared for an emergency situation on the road? Share in the comments below.

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