Holiday Sweaters: Eccentric, Bold and Fun

Holiday sweaters can sometimes be a little eccentric and a bit over the top — at least, that is how I prefer mine.  The thrill of seeking out that perfect holiday sweater gem at the thrift shop is an essential part of my seasonal holiday preparation. I like to gear up for my gift-shopping spree with a little holiday sweater inspiration. This year — in addition to picking out a lovely holiday sweater to wear — I have rounded up some of my favorite sweaters below. Enjoy!



Forget the traditional holiday sweater: The holiday vest is a fantastic option. Don’t forget to match your holiday-patterned turtleneck to your festive vest!  Photo posted by: Caroline Beth via Flickr


Not one but two amazing holiday sweaters. It is hard to choose a favorite! I personally love the dancing penguin on the bottom of the sweater on the left. Photo posted by TheUglySweaterShop via Flickr


Not only can humans rock the holiday sweater; our four-legged friends can join in the festivities, too! Just look at this little guy!  Photo posted by mbtrama via Flickr


Whoa, that reindeer is carrying a lot of presents. Photo posted by mbtrama via Flickr


This sweater-sporting Boston Terrier has to be one of the most adorable puppies around. Photo posted by Sarah Brown via Flickr


Holiday sweaters also make for excellent snowboarding gear. Photo posted by Evan Blaser via Flickr


This vintage winter sweater features a lovely snow-capped mountain range. Photo of sweater posted by: TheUglySweaterShop via Flickr


A holiday sweater with cats? I can’t think of a better combination! Photo posted by TheUglySweaterShop via Flickr


Hopefully this puppy will stay warm with his sweater on. Photo posted by David Berkowitzvia Flickr


Here we have two Allstate employees showing off their favorite holiday gear. The pom-poms on Megan’s sweater are very festive and I love Natasha’s matching red nail polish!


Illuminated holiday light bulb earrings were the perfect accessory to my classic holiday sweater. (That’s me, on the right with my friend Steph rocking the snowman sweater.)

 I hope these sweaters and vests provided some inspiration for when you’re shopping for your next eccentric holiday sweater. Share your favorite holiday sweaters and accessories with us in the comments below!