Honoring Volunteers in the Community: Local Heroes

handshake.jpgDoing good in ones community is often birthed out of a genuine desire to see ones companions reach their full potential. It requires a great deal of selflessness, humility, and ingenuity. In this entry, we honor those whove gone the extra mile to make the world around them a better place to live in.

Thomas Walters story is one of refreshing sincerity and generosity. Not one to be satisfied solely with merely having a successful career (he owns three flourishing insurance agencies in Wake Forest, North Carolina); Thomas goes above and beyond to help his community as well. Whether it be his efforts in tutoring children, directing fundraisers, or developing new programs, Thomas has contributed a great deal through his work with the Triangle YMCA within his community. Read about the different things Thomas does in his community here .

Jesse Owens life was marked by victory over daunting obstacles. Seventy-four years after his triumphant wins at the 1936 Berlin Games, his legacy lives on in the form of his daughters, Marlene, Gloria and Beverly. Just as Jesse sought to be an ambassador of goodwill and justice, his children have also found ways to inspire those around them through the construction and dedication of the Jesse Owens Park in their hometown of Chicago. Read the full story of the Owens sisters here.

After losing a close friend in a drag racing crash, Chris Longman was fed up. The incident was yet another racing-related death out of several that had recently taken place at Herricks High School in Long Island. Instead of reacting solely out of anger, however, Chris responded by setting out to raise local awareness in what was soon to become the best student-led driving campaign in the country. Read about the schools efforts promoting safe driving here.

Kalyn Risker knows a thing or two about fighting back. A victim of domestic violence at a young age, Kalyn regained her confidence and went on to have a successful career. It didnt stop there, however, as she has since made it part of her lifes work to counsel other domestic violence victims and help them rediscover the potential they possess, as well. Read more about Kalyns domestic abuse work here.

Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ooohoooh/1350774613/http://www.flickr.com/photos/sahajameditation/4625408407/ | CC BY 2.0

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