Houston driving
Photo by Henry Han, via Wikimedia Commons http://creativecommons.CC BY 3.0

Comprehensive Coverage Offers Protection for Houston Drivers

Houston drivers deal with traffic on The Loop and Beaumont Highway, construction on the Northwest Freeway, and many other  issues that crop up with day-to-day driving in a big city. Traffic concerns aside, what if your car is damaged outside of a collision? If your car is stolen, vandalized, smashed by a falling tree branch or damaged by a natural disaster, comprehensive auto insurance coverage can help you.

The state of Texas has minimum liability insurance requirements as a baseline for all Houston drivers. But comprehensive coverage adds an additional layer of protection. For example, if a simple hail storm strikes and your car is damaged, comprehensive coverage could help offer you peace of mind in this and similar situations.

Still unsure if it’s right for you? Have more questions? Check out our video to better understand how Comprehensive Coverage can help you.

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