How Active Should a Certified Diverse Supplier be in a Local Council?

8042110 diverse group.JPGAs I’ve previously explained, there is no question as to the value of certifying as a diverse business, Why should suppliers certify as a diverse business? and I’ve discussed how to utilize local councils, How to make a business grow with the help of a local diversity council. But now that you are a certified diverse supplier, just how active should you be in your local council and what is the value to you?

While with real estate it is “location, location, location,” in business it is networking, networking, networking; playing an active role in your local council can provide that.  As an active member of your council, you will constantly be interacting with corporate representatives and other business owners. You don’t know when a contact made through your local council could bring you a chance to compete for business. While there is never a guarantee, on-going exposure to decision-makers can never hurt.

Active participation in your council will provide the opportunity to actually work alongside other council members in activities such as planning and managing tradeshows, developing training classes, mentoring other suppliers (or being mentored) and helping to assist in the growth and development of your local council. It is a great place to exhibit your management and leadership skills.

If you leverage it to the fullest, membership in your local council can give you much more than just certification. So pick an area of interest and get active in your council. Make a great impression and everyone you interact with will want to work with you again on the next council project…and hopefully, an opportunity to compete for their business.

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