How Allstate’s Office Changes Could Affect Suppliers

Many corporations are moving away from the traditional walled office concept to open workspaces that provide an atmosphere promoting collaboration and interaction among employees. The office walls are coming down, more color is coming in, and work and storage spaces are getting smaller. Allstate is no exception.

I look forward to the move but one of the biggest changes for me will be limited storage. While the presentations I receive in the mail have become fewer over the past few years, I still get a lot of mail and I usually return from trade shows with quite a bit of material. I have already begun preparing for my move telling suppliers if they can’t provide me with an electronic version of their materials, I can’t take it. So here a few things for you to consider if you want me to take a look at your firm:

#1 Start with a great website. When suppliers call me, it is the first place I look. Also, when I want to generate interest in your firm, the first stop for my colleagues is your website. If they like what they see, the hopeful next step is inviting you in for a meeting. So make sure your website clearly reflects your capabilities.

#2 For materials that you send electronically, a worthwhile investment is a professionally prepared marketing presentation. You want to make sure you are submitting a presentation that stands out. When looking for someone to prepare your marketing presentation, first consider your local council members.

Doing business within your council is a great way to find an outstanding supplier and support the diverse business community. If you decide to prepare it yourself, make sure to have it proofed and personalized before you submit it.

#3 Be selective in determining where you will send your marketing presentation. I can tell which are blast e-mails and which suppliers have taken the time to study my corporation and have determined they are truly a fit.

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