How Not to Create the Ultimate Staycation [VIDEO]

In Episode 6 of our web series The UnReal Adventures of Ted and Traci, our couple can’t afford the Hawaiian getaway they had hoped for. In an effort to surprise Traci, Ted creates his own beach scene complete with sand and a pool. The surprise really comes when Traci’s car gets smashed and filled with sand, providing yet another example of the value of good home insurance. Aloha!


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Transcript: ‘Staycation’
Traci: OMG Ted! What’s with all this sand? Is that a palm tree up there?
Ted: We couldn’t afford that trip to Hawaii, so I’m bringing the beach to you, babe! Just a few more gallons in the pool and we’ll be good to go! Grab your bathing suit and get up here!
Traci: I don’t know, Ted… This doesn’t seem like a good idea…
Ted: Wait ‘til you see the sun lamp I installed. It’s just like being at the ocean!
Traci: It does seem so real. I think I even hear the waves breaking…
Traci: Looks like Hawaii would have been cheaper after all…
Voiceover: Park your priorities in the right place.