How to Make Couponing Fun and Save Money while Teaching Your Children to be Frugal

With all the rage of the TLC tv show Extreme Couponing, couponing has become increasingly popular these days. You may be at a loss on where to begin, but I am going to share a few ideas to help make coupon clipping fun for yourself, and an educational adventure for your kids, too!

First, you may be thinking, “where do I begin?” Well, start by collecting coupons. Find them on product packages, in weekend-edition newspapers, and online. Printable grocery coupons can be found on Facebook pages and websites. Now that you have the coupons it’s time to get those scissors out to start clipping and sorting; it’s time to bring the kids into play. However, make sure to teach them not to cut out important parts of the verbiage and expiration dates. Older children can sort by categories and file the coupons in your organizer or binder.

Get ready to shop!

Make a list of items you currently use and frequently buy. Check to see if you have a coupon, and make note of the high dollar coupons (like the $1 off values) which is where you’ll save the most!

Pack up the kids and make it a fun family outing. Allow them to have a certain dollar amount to spend. Help them along by giving them items they are in charge of finding. Have them make note of retail prices and coupon discounts and help them decide if that product is worth buying at that price.

You can do this outing when you are on your regular shopping trip or just use this outing as a couponing shopping trip. Coupons also work well with end of season sales – talk about savings!

This is a surefire way to beat summer boredom, and it’s a great opportunity to teach your children about the benefits of savings money. With money saved, treat the kids to an ice cream, movie, or trip to the museum. Let your children know that with a little bit of time and work, the family will benefit in the end.

Shannon Snow is a guest blogger from  Coupon  Princess. In exchange for sharing this content, the Allstate Community has compensated her via cash payment.