Palm Trees Blowing in Hurricane Winds

How To Prepare for Hurricane Season

As hurricane season is upon us, its best to make sure that you have everything in order so that youre prepared for anything that happens. Follow these quick tips to make sure youre ready for anything:


1) Review Your Insurance Policies: Is your coverage up to date? Do you have coverage for additional living expenses? What about comprehensive car coverage? Asking yourself the right questions now can help you avoid the unexpected later. For details on what questions should be on your checklist, read: Hurricane Preparedness Checklist – Step 1 – Review Your Insurance Policies

2) Do a Home Inventory: There are several different ways to take inventory of the property that you own- videotaping, taking pictures, or using various types of inventory software online. Taking an inventory now can ensure that you don’t forget anything, and will make filing a claim much easier. For tips on how to properly take inventory of your property, check out: Hurricane Preparedness Checklist – Step 2 – Do a Home Inventory

3) Protect Your Property: Whether it be installing head and foot bolts on doors for extra protection or ensuring that your windows are properly reinforced, protecting your property before a hurricane could save you from the hassle of costly repairs afterward. For more recommendations on protecting your property, read: Hurricane Preparedness Checklist – Step 3 – Protect Your Property

4) Stock Emergency Supplies: Sure, you might have perishable foods and a first aid kit, but what about pillows and blankets? Pre-moistened towlettes? Books or playing cards? Make sure you stock up on all the supplies you’ll need. For details, read: Hurricane Preparedness Checklist – Step 4 – Stock Emergency Supplies

5) Plan Your Evacuation: Getting out of your home can be the most hectic part of a hurricane. You’ll need to ensure that you know the best evacuation routes, have all your important documents, and have emergency contacts ready. For details on what else you’ll need in evacuating your home, read: Hurricane Preparedness Checklist – Step 5 – Plan Your Evacuation

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