Hurricane Preparedness Checklist – Do a Home Inventory

In part one of our Hurricane preparedness series we discussed why its important to check your existing home insurance coverage and see if you need any additional coverage. In part two well talk about why performing a home inventory is so critical.

Performing a home inventory is one of the best ways to have an up-to-date record of what you own, which can make filing a claim easier and help ensure you don’t forget anything.

Home Inventory Methods

  • Video camera - This is the easiest method because you can narrate the details of each item you own while videotaping from room to room.
  • Notepad and camera Not as easy, but just as effective. Simply write down the details of each item on a notepad as you take pictures.
  • Inventory Checklist – Download our printable home inventory checklist.
  • Inventory apps – Consider a mobile phone app to streamline the inventory process.

Home Inventory Tips

  • Don’t forget the contents of closets, drawers and cabinets. The value of little things can add up quickly.
  • Store your home inventory lists, photographs and video tapes in a safe place off the premises. Its a good idea to have backups as well.
  • Update your home inventory after making any significant purchases.
  • Keep all receipts, especially for big items such as jewelry, furs and collectibles. Valuable items may need separate insurance coverage.
  • Keep track of model numbers and stores where you purchase items.

In part three well discuss how to best protect your property

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