Hurricane Preparedness Checklist – Stock Emergency Supplies

In earlier posts of our hurricane preparedness series we discussed why it’s important to check your existing home insurance coverage, the importance of performing a home inventory, and how to protect your property.

This post will cover an aspect of hurricane preparedness that’s often overlooked until the last moment – stocking up on emergency supplies. Here are some things to include in your emergency supply stash.

What to include in an emergency supply kit:

  • If you are staying at home during the storm, you should have a 2-week supply of water and ready–to-eat non-perishable food for every family member and pet
  • If you are evacuating, you should have a 3-day supply of water and ready–to-eat non-perishable food for every family member and pet
  • Manual can opener for canned foods
  • Essential medicines including eyeglasses and contact lenses
  • Personal hygiene items such as toilet paper, toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • Paper towels, pre-moistened towelettes, hand sanitizer and eating utensils
  • Change of clothing, including extra shoes and rain gear
  • First-aid kit and manual
  • Battery-powered flashlight and radio with extra batteries. You should also consider a weather radio
  • Blankets, pillows and sleeping bags (one for each family member)
  • Mosquito repellant and citronella candles
  • Two coolers—one to keep food, the other for ice
  • Quiet games, books, playing cards
  • Plastic tarp for roof/window repair and tools (hammer/nails)
  • Plastic trash bags
  • Special items for infant, elderly or disabled family members

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