Hurricane Preparedness Tips: 4 Ways to Waterproof Your Stuff

Taking advantage of the calm before a storm to prepare can help keep you afloat when severe weather strikes.  So, this might be the time to think about enhancing the basics of your emergency kit (water, food, prescriptions, radio, flashlights, batteries, etc.) with waterproof supplies that can help keep your home and valuables safe and dry, and your family a bit more calm during a big storm.

Here are a few of my top picks:

Water alarm: Place a battery-operated water alarm anywhere a potential leak or flooding may occur—like near a sump pump, water heater or basement window well—for an alert even when the power fails.

Waterproof safe: Keep important documents (mortgage papers, birth certificates, passports, etc.) protected inside a waterproof safe. If your home is damaged from flooding, these documents will be essential in the rebuild.

Waterproof cellphone case: Stay connected when it matters most with a waterproof smartphone case that provides full access to all device functions.

Space bags: You probably know them for their “space-saving” properties, but these airtight, watertight bags can protect your belongings even when they’re submerged in water.

Preparedness is key when it comes to any emergencies – whether hurricane, fire, flood or earthquake. For additional items that should be included in your basic emergency kit, The National Hurricane Center’s checklist is a great place to start.

Debbie Hanson is director of external affairs for First Alert, a trusted brand in home safety products.